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Toucan Marketing…visualizing thoughts…maximizing response


The ability to convey message through all mediums with a variety of images that create color, texture & movement to and through the event is the difference between so-so or WOW!


The process starts with sharing ideas & defining product. Ideas & dialogue lead to a think-tank study with concept sketches of product and packaging with planned paths to MARKET visualized!


Before we can create a Logo & build your Brand, we ask three basic questions… who are you, what do you do & who is your target market? We study your competition & optimize your BRAND!


Sharing your brand & product/service offering with a global audience requires a website to be a visually exciting portal that is user-friendly & informative! It is your digital identity!


Creating the perfect mix of concise verbal message with an animated picture path allows potential customers to see what you do fast. Tell your story in 60 seconds & reap the REWARDS!

Dialogue, Shared Ideas, Consensus & onto Reality

creating continuity across multiple platforms

event marketing

product & package design

corporate identity

website design

whiteboard animations

Successful Campaigns that Deliver

measured results & increased sales


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“Your greatness is measured by your horizons.”


People ask me what I bring to the table & I answer: the TABLE! My years of experience in all facets of design, sales & marketing combined with my command of today’s technology gives me the the ability to deliver clients a total package for success.

Clint Sullivan
Designer • Inventor • Strategist

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